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This character is subject of a sexual scene called "All The Way Through", meaning they end up penetrated all the way through the whole gastrointestinal tract, entering the anus and emerging from the mouth (or vice versa). The penetrating organ is usually a tentacle or tentacles, but in some cases can be a penis or a sexual device.NSFW ExampleNSFW Group Example


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Similar Traits

Monster Birth Engages in25%
Huge Insertion Subject of (Sexual)24%
Tentacle Rape Subject of24%
Single Hole Multiple Tentacle Penetration Subject of (Sexual)21%
Vaginal + Anal Tentacle Penetration Subject of (Sexual)20%
Inflated Belly Subject of (Sexual)20%
Single Hole Multiple Penetration Subject of (Sexual)19%
Sex with Monsters Engages in (Sexual)18%
Penis Growth Subject of17%
Grotesque Body Modification Subject of (Sexual)17%
Nipple Insertion Subject of (Sexual)16%
Breast Expansion Subject of15%
Grotesque Holed Nipples Subject of (Sexual)14%
Navel Penetration Subject of (Sexual)14%
Anal Birth Engages in14%
Stuck in Meatwall Subject of (Sexual)14%
Urethral Intercourse Subject of (Sexual)12%
Ahegao Engages in (Sexual)12%
Multiple Penetration Subject of (Sexual)12%
Skull-fucking Subject of (Sexual)11%