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Age Rating

Novels (4 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Sacred Sand337.026.57
Essence Hunt157.336.50
Mira's Magical Mishap406.346.32
Ben and the Devil26.006.24

Traits (99 total)

Youkai Role133.35
Witch Role133.22
Bow Items222.72
Quiver Items112.59
Swimsuit Clothes122.44
Multiple Eyes Eyes112.37
Glowing Eyes112.26
Prayer Beads Clothes112.24
Cursing Engages in112.10
Fingerless Gloves Clothes122.10
Merperson Role112.01
Feather Accessory Clothes111.97
Hunter Role111.95
Fur Coat Clothes111.92
White Eyes111.92
Healer Role111.90
Fairy Role111.89
Olive Body221.86
Cape Clothes221.83
Fox Role111.83
Grey Eyes121.83
Vindictive Personality111.78
Archery Engages in111.77
Secretary Role111.76
Sarcasm Engages in111.71
Hand Fan Items111.69
Curse Subject of111.69
Prince Role111.69
Modern Tsundere Personality111.67
Whimsical Personality111.66
Freckles Body111.66
Principal Role111.65
Bikini Clothes121.59
Flustered Personality111.58
Earrings Clothes221.58
Talkative Personality111.57
V Bangs Hair121.56
Lonely Role111.55
Slit Pupils Eyes111.54
Revenge Engages in111.54
Shapeshifting Engages in111.54
Nature Lover Personality111.54
Off-The-Shoulder Shirt Clothes111.53
Brave Personality111.52
Wings Body111.50
Deity Role111.45
Kitsuneme Eyes111.45
Furry Tail Body111.44
Food Lover Personality111.44
Scar Body111.43
Thick Eyebrows Hair111.43
Soldier Role111.42
Cyan Hair111.41
Ankle Length Hair111.41
Curious Personality111.41
Unarmed Fighting Engages in111.39
Green Eyes331.39
Multicolored Hair111.38
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes111.37
Naked Clothes111.36
Flirting Engages in111.35
Brown Hair361.31
Dark Body111.30
Protective Personality111.29
Kemonomimi Body111.25
Teasing Subject of111.23
Waist Length+ Hair241.22
Stubborn Personality111.22
Crop Top Clothes111.21
Hair Flower Clothes111.21
Pointed Ears Body111.19
Glasses Clothes221.18
Black Hair231.16
Boots Clothes111.13
Amber Eyes121.11
Choker Clothes111.10
Sidehair Hair121.07
Young-adult Body131.07
Teasing Engages in111.07
Energetic Personality111.05
Necklace Clothes111.04
Orange Hair111.03
Kimono Clothes111.03
Cooking Engages in110.98
Short Hair340.97
White Hair110.95
Fighting Engages in110.90
Parted in Middle Hair110.89
Friendly Personality110.88
Blue Eyes220.88
Curtained Hair110.87
Long Hair220.81
Blue Hair110.80
Ponytail Hair110.75
Pale Body260.74
Violet Eyes110.70
Shoulder-length Hair110.63
Brown Eyes110.62
Blond Hair110.61