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Tags (74 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Brocon Protagonist13.004.30
The Holiday Season23.003.93
Fairy Tale22.503.85
Protagonist's Older Brother as a Hero13.003.83
Protagonist's Non-blood-related Brother as a Hero13.003.57
Widower Hero12.003.27
Ghost Protagonist12.503.26
Catboy Hero12.503.26
Nekomimi Hero12.003.25
Hero with Children12.003.16
Priest Hero12.003.06
Gamer Hero12.002.98
Christian Church12.002.88
Middle School Student Protagonist12.002.80
Boy x Boy Romance22.002.77
Scientist Protagonist12.002.74
Protagonist's Girlfriend as a Heroine13.002.61
Otome Game52.072.60
Stock Graphics12.002.57
Homeless Hero11.002.51
Gamer Protagonist12.002.48
Kinetic Novel42.212.45
University Student Hero12.002.45
High School Student Hero12.002.40
Protagonist with a Sprite32.172.39
Unrequited Love12.002.39
Mage Protagonist12.002.36
Unlockable Epilogue12.002.24
Side Portraits32.002.24
Shota Hero12.002.19
Slice of Life13.002.16
Only a Single Hero12.332.16
No Quick Save/Load12.002.15
Unoriginal Soundtrack12.002.04
Student Hero12.002.02
Few Event CGs12.001.99
Protagonist in Relationship13.001.98
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero12.001.97
University Student Heroine12.001.94
Linear Plot13.001.90
Orphan Protagonist12.001.90
Female Protagonist52.331.81
No Sexual Content111.641.80
Multiple Protagonists12.331.78
No Character Sprites12.001.77
High School21.751.74
Bonus Side Stories12.001.74
Brother/Sister Romance12.001.67
Protagonist with a Face52.271.65
No Opening Movie12.001.63
Super Deformed CG's12.001.62
Varied Title Screens11.501.59
Unlockable Routes12.001.59
Single Ending12.001.50
Date Display11.501.34
Under the Same Roof12.001.34
Branching Plot12.001.34
High School Student Protagonist12.001.29
Only a Single Heroine12.501.29
Student Heroine13.001.28
Unlockable Gallery11.001.25
High School Student Heroine12.000.89
Multiple Endings12.000.71
Male Protagonist22.750.53

Traits (59 total)

Half Updo Hair222.98
No Name Role222.42
Competitive Personality222.41
Ankle Length Hair222.27
Watashi Personality452.26
Choker Clothes232.14
Cheerful Personality222.02
Dress Clothes441.97
Confident Personality221.96
Naive Personality221.92
Familiar Role111.86
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes221.77
Widower Role111.77
Magician Role221.76
Girlfriend Role221.72
Apron Clothes221.72
Shawl Clothes111.65
Pinafore Dress Clothes111.63
Spoiled Personality111.63
Blunt Bangs Hair221.55
Cat Role111.54
Shapeshifting Engages in111.52
Bell Clothes111.48
Black Hair551.46
Tiny Braid Hair111.45
Grief Subject of111.37
Rude Personality111.34
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes221.29
Kemonomimi Body111.23
Outgoing Personality111.23
Protective Personality111.22
Twin Tails Hair221.21
Crop Top Clothes111.20
Mysterious Personality111.19
Coat Clothes111.19
Arrogant Personality111.19
Father Role111.18
Violet Eyes221.13
Ore Personality111.11
Daughter Role111.04
Blond Hair220.97
Tsurime Eyes110.95
Hosome Eyes110.94
Blue Eyes220.88
Trousers Clothes110.87
Waist Length+ Hair220.86
Friendly Personality110.86
Ribbon Tie Clothes110.85
Teen Body230.83
Glasses Clothes110.75
Tareme Eyes110.74
Brown Hair120.74
Amber Eyes110.70
Green Eyes110.70
Pale Body250.68
Short Hair120.67
Brown Eyes110.62
Young-adult Body110.54
Long Hair110.52