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Novels (1 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Musu2318.278.27

Tags (16 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
No Protagonist13.003.59
Unreliable Narrator12.503.08
Battle of Wits12.753.04
Protagonist Based on a Fictional Person12.002.99
Title Parody12.502.96
Food Discussions13.002.77
Unoriginal Soundtrack12.001.94
Breaking the Fourth Wall12.001.91
Unlockable Bonus Content12.001.89
Colored Texts12.001.84
Kinetic Novel12.801.44
No Sexual Content12.670.75

Traits (67 total)

Formal Shirt Clothes153.26
Based on a Fictional Character Role132.81
Chauffeur Role112.80
Wrinkles Body122.35
Cross Items112.25
Grey Hair142.23
Blessing Subject of112.14
Demonic Contract Engages in112.14
Puffy Sleeves Clothes122.03
Arson Engages in111.95
Teal Eyes121.89
Clone Role111.89
Sideburns Hair111.84
Hair Beads Hair111.75
Humanoid (Non-human) Body111.74
Balding Hair111.70
Cook Role111.68
Bandanna Clothes111.66
Writer Role111.64
Principal Role111.64
Jitome Eyes111.62
Observant Personality111.59
Suit Clothes121.58
Bodyguard Role111.57
Black Eyes121.57
No Name Role111.50
Lazy Personality111.49
Adult Body121.49
Flustered Personality111.48
Armband Clothes111.48
Manipulative Personality111.44
Waitstaff Uniform Clothes111.43
Otaku Personality111.42
Bow Tie Clothes111.41
Cruel Personality111.35
Hat Clothes111.26
Antagonist Role111.26
Waitstaff Role111.25
Eye Covering Hair111.25
Necktie Clothes121.22
Confident Personality111.19
Cape Clothes111.18
Arrogant Personality111.18
Stoic Personality111.18
Spiky Hair111.17
Carefree Personality111.16
Wealthy Role111.15
Magician Role111.09
Refined Personality111.08
Vest Clothes111.06
Pleated Skirt Clothes110.98
Cooking Engages in110.98
Hair Tie Clothes110.98
Blunt Bangs Hair110.97
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)110.94
Red Hair110.92
Belt Clothes110.89
Ribbon Tie Clothes110.86
Twin Tails Hair110.78
Spiky Bangs Hair110.70
Sidehair Hair110.68
Teen Body120.67
Straight Hair110.66
Blond Hair110.61
Blue Eyes110.55
Long Hair110.52
Pale Body110.26