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This character is seen defecating on another character in a sex scene. Apply Subject of (Sexual) > Scat to the other character, this could lead to Engages in (Sexual) > Coprophagia if they're eating it. This character will almost always be the dominant partner in the sex scene.Scat is a fetish involving the act of defecation or the feces itself in a sexual context.NSFW Example


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Top Rated Scat on Others

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  • Rape by Proxy
  • Scat Filter
  • Gore Filter
  • Panic Button
  • Sadist Protagonist
Rating 7.313,897 Users
Tetsu to Ra II ~Haiboku no Jotei~
Tetsu to Ra II ~Haiboku no Jotei~
  • Single Hole Multiple Fisting (obsolete)
  • Open Gag
  • Vaginal Fisting
  • Pubic Hair Option
  • Metal Bondage
Rating 7.4448 Users
Osaka Awaking
Osaka Awaking
  • Heroine Sisters
  • Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation)
  • Shimaidon
  • Corruption of Characters
  • Twin Handjob
Rating 7.2825 Users
Chichigami-ke no Yakata ~In
Chichigami-ke no Yakata ~In'yoku no 247~
  • Shimaidon with Twins Ending
  • Western-style Manor
  • Braless Heroine
  • Heroine with Huge Breasts
  • One True End
Rating 7.9131 Users
Mesu Kyoushi ~Injoku no Kyoushitsu~
Mesu Kyoushi ~Injoku no Kyoushitsu~
  • Photographer Heroine
  • Dog Cosplay
  • Single Hole Multiple Objects Insertion (obsolete)
  • Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation)
  • Sex Involving Food
Rating 7.2593 Users
Hindo no Yakata
Hindo no Yakata
  • Pigs
  • Consensual Erotic Humiliation
  • Anal Rape
  • Dogs
  • Enema
Rating 7.6226 Users
Kan'in Tokkyuu Michishio
  • Trains
  • Stewardess Heroine
  • Sex in a Vehicle
  • Torture Chamber
  • Vaginal Fisting
Rating 7.1526 Users
Kangoku Academia
Kangoku Academia
  • Military School
  • Student Council President Protagonist
  • Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation)
  • High-Tech Sex Engine
  • Erotic Mind Control
Rating 7.58271 Users
Chikoubo ~Kegasareta Souden~
Chikoubo ~Kegasareta Souden~
  • Heroine with Anal Hair
  • Heroine with Armpit Hair
  • Consensual Erotic Humiliation
  • Non-consensual Erotic Humiliation
  • Protagonist's Non-blood-related Mother as a Heroine
Rating 7.1034 Users
LEWDNESS ~Vita Sexualis~
LEWDNESS ~Vita Sexualis~
  • Body Smell Fetish
  • No "Keep Voice on Click" Option
  • Masochist Protagonist
  • School Dormitory
  • Lesbian Heroine
Rating 7.46147 Users

Similar Traits

Scat Subject of (Sexual)34%
Coprophagia Subject of (Sexual)26%
Anal Liquid Expulsion Engages in (Sexual)22%
Scat Engages in (Sexual)18%
Urethral Sounding Engages in (Sexual)16%
Piercing Torture (BDSM) Engages in (Sexual)14%
Face-farting Engages in (Sexual)13%
Body Fluid Tube Subject of (Sexual)12%
Gigantic Breasts Body11%
Pissing on Others Engages in (Sexual)10%
Enema Subject of (Sexual)10%
Adult Breast Sucking Engages in (Sexual)9%
Anal Gaping Engages in (Sexual)9%
Breast Torture Subject of (Sexual)9%
Anal Object Insertion Subject of (Sexual)8%
Ass to Mouth Subject of (Sexual)8%
Slave Owner Role8%
Trampling Engages in (Sexual)8%
Vaginal + Anal Object Insertion Subject of (Sexual)7%
Cock and Ball Torture Engages in (Sexual)7%