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Another character inserts their fist into this character's anus in a sex scene. Apply Anal Fisting to the character inserting their fist. Don't use this trait for cases where a character fists themselves. Use Masturbation instead.


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Top Rated Anal Fisting

Suggested Similar Tags

Ochiru Hitozuma
Ochiru Hitozuma
  • Rape by Shota
  • Pragmatic Protagonist
  • Protagonist with Phimosis
  • Heroine Rape by Others
  • Only Avoidable Heroine Rape by Others
Rating 7.50591 Users
Taimanin Asagi 3
Taimanin Asagi 3
  • Ninja Protagonist
  • Big Ass Protagonist
  • Heroine with Catsuit
  • Cyborg Heroine
  • Pornography
Rating 7.41343 Users
Venus Blood -Frontier-
Venus Blood -Frontier-
  • Tactician Protagonist
  • Unlockable Fighters
  • Falling to Evil (sexual)
  • Norse Mythology
  • Leader Protagonist
Rating 7.28381 Users
Kangoku Senkan 3 ~Nessa no Sennou Kouro~
Kangoku Senkan 3 ~Nessa no Sennou Kouro~
  • Visible Cervix Penetration
  • Major Antagonist
  • High-Tech Sex Engine
  • Mecha Pilot Heroine
  • Villainous Protagonist
Rating 7.32261 Users
Kuroinu 2 ~In
Kuroinu 2 ~In'yoku ni Somaru Haitoku no Miyako, Futatabi~
  • Stuck-in-Wall Sex
  • Sexual Slavery (Non-consensual)
  • Blowbang (One Mouth Multiple Penises)
  • Public Use (Choukyou or Non-Consensual)
  • Defloration by an Object
Rating 7.21110 Users
VenusBlood -HYPNO-
VenusBlood -HYPNO-
  • Leader Heroine
  • Leader Protagonist
  • Falling to Evil (sexual)
  • Turn Based Strategy Game
  • Skip Scenes
Rating 7.61185 Users
  • Musume-type Heroine
  • Debt
  • Crippled Heroine
  • Orphan Heroine
  • Prostitution
Rating 7.14131 Users
Kangoku Academia
Kangoku Academia
  • Military School
  • Student Council President Protagonist
  • Officer Heroine
  • Heroine with Catsuit
  • Heroine with Slave Tattoo (BDSM)
Rating 7.30204 Users
Mugen Renkan ~Chijoku ni Mamireshi Fushiki no Rinbu~
Mugen Renkan ~Chijoku ni Mamireshi Fushiki no Rinbu~
  • Protagonist with Big Breasts
  • Immortal Protagonist
  • Slave Protagonist
  • Genital Piercing
  • Dark Fantasy
Rating 7.07169 Users
Ura Kyoushi ~Haitoku no In
Ura Kyoushi ~Haitoku no In'etsu Jugyou~
  • Archer Heroine
  • Sensual Biting
  • Single Hole Multiple Objects Insertion (obsolete)
  • Hair Pulling (Sexual)
  • Vaginal + Anal Object Insertion
Rating 7.33112 Users

Similar Traits

Vaginal Fisting Subject of (Sexual)27%
Vaginal + Anal Fisting Subject of (Sexual)18%
Enema Subject of (Sexual)16%
Scat Engages in (Sexual)16%
Anal Object Expulsion Engages in (Sexual)13%
Anal Gaping Engages in (Sexual)12%
Whipping (BDSM) Subject of (Sexual)11%
Suspension Bondage Subject of (Sexual)10%
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)10%
Inflated Belly Subject of (Sexual)10%
Mouth Gag Subject of (Sexual)9%
Nipple Piercing Body9%
Huge Insertion Subject of (Sexual)9%
Spreader Straps with Clamps Subject of (Sexual)9%
Multiple Penetration Subject of (Sexual)9%
Object Insertion Subject of (Sexual)9%
Fire Torture Subject of9%
Ahegao Engages in (Sexual)9%
Speculum (Sexual) Subject of (Sexual)8%
Piercing Torture (BDSM) Subject of (Sexual)8%