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The visual novel contains scenes, where a character is completely or partially encased in an enclosure, either of organic or non-organic origin. There can be various reasons fro this, such as incubation, stasis, cloning, healing, etc. This is a non-sexual tag - don't use it for encasement related to BDSM activities. Use g3328 or its child tags for such instances, instead.


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Venus Blood -Gaia-
Venus Blood -Gaia-
  • Scientist Protagonist
  • Priestess Heroine
  • Encasement
  • Leader Protagonist
  • Turn Based Strategy Game
Rating 7.0261 Users
WW&F ~Taishou Teito Denkitan~
WW&F ~Taishou Teito Denkitan~
  • Encasement
  • Taishou Era
  • Thief Heroine
  • Fairy Heroine
  • Wet and Messy
Rating 6.406 Users
Makou Seiki Variant Birth
Makou Seiki Variant Birth
  • Encasement
  • Sex With Monsters
  • Erotic Mummification
  • Corruption of Characters
  • Huge Insertion
Rating 6.2610 Users
Hakkyou Taima Miko
Hakkyou Taima Miko
  • Encasement
  • Bred by Monsters
  • Huge Insertion
  • Monster Rape
  • Monsters
Rating 6.238 Users

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Huge Insertion Subject of (Sexual)39%
Inflated Belly Subject of (Sexual)34%
Tentacle Rape Subject of29%
Tentacle Restraint Subject of29%
Forced Pregnancy Subject of28%
Single Hole Multiple Penetration Subject of (Sexual)28%
Monster Birth Engages in27%
Younger Brother Role22%
Gang Rape Subject of21%
Sex With Insects Engages in (Sexual)21%
Suction on Penis Subject of (Sexual)19%
Autofellatio Engages in (Sexual)19%
Anal Birth Engages in19%
Cape Clothes19%
Unbirthing Subject of (Sexual)19%
Double Penetration (Group Sex) Subject of (Sexual)18%
Erotic Beating Subject of (Sexual)18%
Cross Earrings Clothes17%
Ceremonial Japanese Clothing Clothes17%
Rape Subject of17%