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The game allows the player to set relationships between protagonist and/or other characters. It can come in the form of selecting among the predefined relationships or simply writing them in. In the latter event, some games are able to recognize certain inputs and act on them. Most of the time, the games introduce this mechanic to avoid the incest ban on certain distribution platforms. Frequently, the developers or the game hint which relationships are the "correct" ones.


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Top Rated Customizable Character Relations

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Daughter for Dessert
Daughter for Dessert
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Light of My Life
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Freckles Body28%
Polo Shirt Clothes28%
Waitstaff Uniform Clothes23%
Waitstaff Role20%
Makeup Body20%
Grey Eyes19%
Daughter Role18%
Apron Clothes17%
Blouse Clothes17%
Red Hair15%
Parted in Middle Hair15%
Parted to Side Hair13%
Glasses Clothes12%
Spiky Bangs Hair12%
Green Eyes11%
Shoulder-length Hair10%
Brown Eyes10%
Black Hair10%
Blue Eyes9%
Long Hair8%