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This visual novel contain sexual scene involving human beings transformed into human cattle. Human cattle is the act of keeping human beings as livestock, usually for milking and/or breeding. It differs from petplay for multiple factors, first of all human cattle it's never considered roleplay but it is always non-consensual or consensual after mind break (choukyou variation) since it aims to transform human beings into real cattle and not just to humiliate or dominate someone for a short period of time. It can be considered instead similar to a more specific form of sexual slavery where some of all of the points written below should apply. Key points of human cattle: - Human beings kept in stables, enchained or enclosed in cattle pens or fences - Human beings kept for milking or breeding attached to breeding machines or milking machine emphasizing the fact that they are no more human but just farming tools to be used forever - Human beings dressed as cows, pigs, and so on, sometime they can also be surgically transformed into animals like for example implanting animal prosthesis after amputationNSFW Example 1NSFW Example 2NSFW Example 3


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