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The game features sexual activity done in discreet from third-person audience(s) unaware of the act. e.g. caressing partner's genitals under the table, sex where one of the participant is invisible, etc. Unlike exhibitionism which draws sexual pleasure by exposing the act to an audience, discreet sex focuses on doing the sexual act publicly but discreetly where the audience knows nothing of what really is going on.


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Similar Traits

Discreet Sex Engages in (Sexual)25%
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)17%
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)16%
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)16%
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)16%
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)16%
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)16%
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)16%
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)15%
Pregnancy Subject of15%
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)15%
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)15%
Bathroom Sex Engages in (Sexual)15%
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)15%
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)15%
E+ Cup Body15%
Peeing Engages in (Sexual)14%
Butterfly Subject of (Sexual)14%
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)14%
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)14%