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The protagonist of the game is (or was) a sniper. A sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates in one to two man teams which maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engages targets from concealed positions or physical distances exceeding the detection capabilities of the enemy personnel, without being detected.


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Sniper Role73%
Poncho Clothes72%
Sniper Rifle Items71%
Dog Person Personality65%
Sex in Photo Booth Engages in (Sexual)65%
Ward Role61%
Prostate Massage Subject of (Sexual)61%
Forced Cross-dressing Subject of60%
Erotic Photography Subject of60%
Cadet Role55%
Parricide Engages in55%
Sexual Child Abuse Subject of55%
Naizuri Subject of (Sexual)54%
Terrorist Role54%
Self-harm Engages in53%
Gaming Console Items53%
Visual Arts Engages in53%
Triple Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)52%
Bodysponge Subject of (Sexual)52%
Drug Abuse Engages in51%