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Konno Teppei suddenly loses consciousness on his way home from work in the evening. He wakes up surrounded by ruins and old buildings. He, along with several other men, are in an abandoned amusement park. An announcement suddenly informs them that the game is about to begin. The rules are very simple. For 8 days, the participants will continue their normal lives during the daytime. But once night falls, they will be forced into the old amusement park as the setting for their struggle to obtain a coin that will win them fifty million yen.

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Cage -Close- has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it's similarity is calculated.

Tags (41 total)

Gay Shotacon3.002.306.91
Hero with Psychological Problems2.502.456.14
Psychological Problems2.502.255.62
Bodyguard Hero2.002.755.50
Flat Tints Only3.001.775.32
Smoker Hero2.002.625.25
Amusement Park2.002.555.10
Co-worker Hero2.002.535.06
Smoker Protagonist2.002.444.88
Uke Protagonist2.002.394.77
Fear of Death2.002.344.68
Joke Endings2.002.304.59
Hero with a Sword2.002.264.53
Male on Male Rape2.002.244.48
Graphic Violence2.002.144.28
Death of Hero2.002.084.16
Battle Royale1.502.623.92
Shota Hero2.001.943.88
Ending List2.001.853.70
Branching Plot3.001.203.60
Sex Involving Drugs2.001.783.56
Threesome Ending2.001.733.45
Boy x Boy Romance Only2.001.713.42
Fighting Protagonist2.001.693.39
Date Display2.001.513.02
Male on Male Sex2.001.402.80
More Than Seven Endings2.001.332.65
Multiple Endings2.500.681.69
Corruption of Characters0.672.031.36
Male Protagonist2.000.330.65
Sexual Content0.330.490.16

Traits (87 total)

Male on Male Sex Engages in (Sexual)71.873.90
Smoking Engages in42.103.37
Violent Personality32.193.03
Ore Personality51.662.98
Not a Virgin Role51.562.79
Spiky Hair41.672.69
Driving Engages in22.302.52
Bisexual Role22.222.44
Beautician Role13.412.37
Cruel Personality22.102.30
Scissors Items13.242.25
Tall (obsolete) Body31.612.23
Rude Personality22.002.20
Streetwise Personality13.162.19
Bowl Cut Hair13.032.10
Investigation Engages in21.902.09
Maul Items13.012.08
Murder Engages in21.872.05
Honest Personality21.872.05
Dark Body21.862.04
Fighting Engages in31.291.79
Overall Clothes12.571.78
Confinement Engages in12.571.78
Sleepyhead Personality12.551.77
Kansai-ben Personality12.521.75
Torture Engages in12.451.70
Cook Role12.451.70
Smart Personality21.531.68
Cynic Personality12.391.66
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)31.171.62
Womanizer Personality12.321.61
Black Eyes21.461.60
Suit Clothes21.441.58
Sanpaku Eyes Eyes12.271.57
Bodyguard Role12.271.57
Stubble Hair12.251.56
Sharp-tongued Personality12.071.44
Kidnapping Subject of12.071.44
Sex with Others Engages in (Sexual)12.051.42
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)21.281.41
Cold-hearted Personality12.011.40
Injury Subject of12.001.39
Coworker Role11.941.34
Younger Brother Role11.931.34
Katana Items11.921.33
Short Hair80.601.32
Mature Personality11.911.32
Taciturn Personality11.911.32
Short-tempered Personality11.901.32
Antagonist Role11.901.32
Gang Rape Subject of11.841.28
Protective Personality11.831.27
Eye Covering Hair11.831.27
Confident Personality11.821.26
Proactive Personality11.821.26
Young-adult Body40.771.24
Hoodie Clothes11.781.24
Loyal Personality11.761.22
Stubborn Personality11.751.22
Older Brother Role11.751.21
Brown Hair50.681.21
Deredere Personality11.741.20
Arrogant Personality11.731.20
Relaxed Personality11.661.15
Refined Personality11.571.09
Hardworker Personality11.561.08
Sex in Water Engages in (Sexual)11.541.07
Straight Hair20.961.06
Rape Subject of11.501.04
Jacket Clothes11.461.01
Hair Tie Clothes11.451.01
Brown Eyes20.900.99
Blond Hair20.890.97
Kid Body11.340.93
Wavy Hair11.340.93
Red Hair11.340.93
Black Hair20.840.92
Friendly Personality11.260.87
Shirt Clothes11.130.78
Necktie Clothes11.090.75
Glasses Clothes11.080.75
Kind Personality11.070.74
Shoulder-length Hair10.920.63
Blue Eyes10.800.55
Long Hair10.740.52
Pale Body20.380.42