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Age Rating

Novels (9 total)

Tags (71 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Modern Day Earth32.444.21
Delinquent Protagonist13.004.02
Gamer Hero12.923.86
High School Student Hero13.003.69
Design Story13.003.62
Dating Simulation22.883.55
Fear of Death13.003.26
Narrator as a Character12.003.26
Gamer Protagonist12.863.20
Non-sexual Cosplay12.003.09
High Amount of Special Effects13.003.03
Fairy Heroine12.333.03
No Opening Movie22.002.94
Unlockable Bonus Content21.882.79
Black Comedy12.002.78
High School Student Protagonist32.562.75
Character Profiles12.752.74
Dark Skinned Protagonist12.332.62
Drug Use12.332.59
Strong Female Protagonist12.142.54
Breaking the Fourth Wall13.002.52
Witch Heroine12.332.51
Kinetic Novel32.442.39
Photographic Backgrounds22.072.33
Twin Sisters as Heroines12.672.32
Orphan Heroine12.002.25
Holiday Cottage11.002.22
Otaku Heroine12.252.18
Biological Weapon11.002.17
No Backlog12.002.15
Multiple Protagonists13.002.11
High School22.512.09
Only a Single Hero12.002.04
Slice of Life Comedy11.852.03
Side Images22.162.02
No Sexual Content92.541.99
Student Hero12.091.98
Lots of Event CGs12.001.96
Date Display12.581.94
Otome Game22.471.89
Colored Texts12.001.88
Bloody Scenes12.001.85
Student Protagonist21.911.84
Multiple Endings52.601.81
Unlockable Side Stories12.001.80
Few Choices12.501.73
Hero with Glasses11.621.65
Female Protagonist32.621.62
Protagonist with a Face32.271.50
Protagonist with a Sprite12.001.50
Harem Ending12.001.50
Bad Endings with Story11.671.44
Only a Single Heroine12.751.42
Protagonist with Glasses11.001.24
Heroine with Glasses12.001.20
Student Heroine21.161.06
Male Protagonist52.310.83

Traits (108 total)

Drug Abuse Engages in465.75
Uneducated Personality445.08
Narcissist Personality465.04
Aloha Shirt Clothes444.82
Jitome Eyes443.75
Moustache Hair563.63
Criminal Role333.57
Alcohol Abuse Engages in223.32
Based on a Real Person Role553.10
Mentor Role222.93
Terminal Illness Subject of222.88
Adult Body562.71
Assault Engages in222.68
Distrustful Personality222.64
Blackmail Engages in222.60
Kidnapping Engages in222.59
Glasses Clothes6102.58
Idiot Personality222.47
Revenge Engages in222.45
Tall (obsolete) Body442.45
Black Eyes442.35
Overweight Body222.28
Selfish Personality222.21
Unarmed Fighting Engages in222.21
Rival Role122.21
Transfer Student Role122.18
Funny Personality222.17
Planning Engages in222.11
Villain Role222.10
Short-tempered Personality222.09
Homeless Role112.09
Maul Items112.08
Twin Sister Role122.03
V Bangs Hair231.97
Stubborn Personality221.93
Axe Items111.93
Headband Clothes231.92
Uncle Role111.87
Black Hair581.84
Spiky Bangs Hair251.81
Shy Personality221.78
Middle Sister Role111.78
Basketball Engages in111.77
Death Subject of221.75
Cigarette Items111.72
Weakness Subject of111.69
Student Club President Role111.69
Granddaughter Role111.69
Vest Clothes221.68
Survival Subject of111.66
Headphones Clothes111.65
Necklace Clothes221.65
Orange Hair221.64
Jacket Clothes221.61
Hair Tie Clothes221.60
Hosome Eyes121.49
Kid Body221.48
Tareme Eyes231.44
Food Lover Personality111.44
Based on a Fictional Character Role111.42
Student Council President Role111.39
Multicolored Hair111.38
Ankle Socks Clothes111.37
Straight Hair331.34
Blue Eyes441.28
Eye Covering Hair111.27
Sports Shoes Clothes111.27
Shoulder-length Hair231.27
Twin Braids Hair111.26
Hat Clothes111.24
Outgoing Personality111.24
Hoodie Clothes111.24
Older Brother Role111.22
Orphan Role111.22
Parted to Side Hair121.22
Waist Length+ Hair441.22
Mysterious Personality111.20
Side Tail Hair111.19
Kind Personality221.18
Pajamas Clothes111.18
Grey Eyes111.15
Popular Role111.14
Bracelet Clothes111.12
Amber Eyes121.11
Teen Body361.11
Pendant Necklace Clothes111.08
Sidehair Hair221.07
Slim Body461.03
Long Hair331.03
Earrings Clothes110.99
Blunt Bangs Hair110.98
Blond Hair220.97
Short Hair340.97
White Hair110.95
Brown Hair230.93
Belt Clothes110.93
Red Hair110.93
T-shirt Clothes110.92
Pale Body6100.92
Ahoge Hair110.88
Dress Clothes110.83
Violet Hair110.80
Shirt Clothes110.78
Ponytail Hair110.75
Twin Tails Hair110.75
Violet Eyes110.70
Brown Eyes110.62
High School Student Role110.52