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Main character is an apartment complex manager. Inhabitants are on throats with each other, so protagonist has to peek into their private lives to get to know about their problems. It's up to him whether he actually wants to solve those troubles or use them to force intimacy relations. [From vndbreview]

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Ryoujoku Sou has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
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Tags (61 total)

Hikikomori Heroine2.002.865.71
Simulation Game2.501.764.41
Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation)2.001.933.86
Read Text Marking2.001.903.80
More Than Seven Heroines2.001.673.34
Heroine with Pubic Hair2.001.603.19
Sexual Blindfold2.001.513.03
Married Heroine2.001.402.81
Crotch Rope Walk1.002.622.62
Under the Same Roof2.001.282.56
Paraphilic Infantilism1.002.562.56
Pubic Hair Shaving1.002.442.44
Genital Piercing1.002.332.33
Adult Protagonist2.001.162.32
Multiple Penetration2.001.142.28
Adult Heroine2.001.122.24
Quickie Fix Position2.001.112.23
Heroine with Glasses2.001.102.19
Spreader Bar1.002.172.17
Masturbation with Object1.002.172.17
Sex in Public Places2.001.062.12
Standing Sex2.001.042.08
Group Sex of One Female and Several Males2.001.032.05
Mirror Sex1.002.032.03
Nipple Piercing1.002.022.02
Public Masturbation1.002.012.01
Boobs on Glass1.001.971.97
Wax Play1.001.941.94
Missionary Position2.000.931.87
Student Heroine2.000.891.79
Group Sex of One Male and Several Females2.000.881.76
High School Student Heroine2.000.871.74
Strap-on Dildos1.001.741.74
Discreet Sex1.001.651.65
Naked Heroine with Apron1.001.631.63
Double Handjob1.001.631.63
Doggy Style2.000.761.53
Anal Fingering1.001.511.51
Object Insertion1.001.491.49
Double Penetration (Group Sex)1.001.481.48
Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males1.001.421.42
Sex in Water1.001.391.39
Multiple Endings2.000.681.36
Bathroom Sex1.001.211.21
Lesbian Sex1.001.131.13
Outdoor Sex1.000.970.97
Sexual Content2.000.480.95

Traits (208 total)

Voyeurism Subject of42.273.66
Yakuza Role22.943.23
Blackmail Subject of32.183.03
Pubic Hair Hair81.373.00
Pissing Engages in (Sexual)71.443.00
Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation) Subject of (Sexual)32.102.90
Police Officer Uniform Clothes22.592.85
Pubic Hair Shaving Subject of (Sexual)22.562.81
Rope Bondage Subject of (Sexual)41.682.70
Reverse Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)41.662.67
Crotchless Panties Clothes22.382.62
Bukkake Subject of (Sexual)61.322.57
Sexual Blindfold Subject of (Sexual)31.832.54
Kanendosei Role13.652.53
Bathroom Sex Engages in (Sexual)51.412.53
Sanpaku Eyes Eyes22.272.50
Tracksuit Clothes22.272.50
Pissing Subject of (Sexual)22.222.44
Being Drugged Subject of22.192.40
Vaginal/Anal Sexual Toys Subject of (Sexual)41.462.34
Hair Tie Clothes41.452.34
Rain Coat Clothes13.372.34
Turtleneck Sweater Clothes22.102.31
Sunglasses Clothes22.092.30
Paraphilic Infantilism Engages in (Sexual)13.292.28
Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)41.412.27
Petplay Subject of (Sexual)22.062.26
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)71.082.25
Tominagi Subject of (Sexual)41.402.25
Consensual Phone Sex Engages in (Sexual)13.212.23
Kemonomimi Headband Clothes21.922.11
Watashi Personality41.302.09
Black Hair110.842.08
Skirt Clothes41.282.06
Female Ejaculation Engages in (Sexual)31.492.06
Cosplay Engages in21.862.04
Double Handjob Engages in (Sexual)21.852.03
Dropout Role12.932.03
Black Eyes31.462.02
Christmas Cap Clothes12.922.02
Fedora Clothes12.892.00
Object Insertion Subject of (Sexual)21.811.99
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)41.231.99
Santa Suit Clothes12.791.93
Crotch Rope Walk Subject of (Sexual)12.781.93
Pantyhose Clothes31.381.91
Coat Clothes21.731.90
Spit-roast Subject of (Sexual)21.731.90
Leather Jacket Clothes12.721.89
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)41.161.87
Pajamas Clothes21.701.87
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)41.141.83
Walking Stick Items12.631.82
Non-penetrative Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.611.81
Sweater Clothes21.641.80
Shop Clerk Role12.571.78
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)60.901.76
Forced Public Nudity Subject of (Sexual)12.531.75
Office Lady Role12.491.73
Multiple Penetration Subject of (Sexual)21.571.72
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)41.051.70
Piss Drinking Subject of (Sexual)12.441.69
Masturbation with Object Engages in (Sexual)12.441.69
Spreader Bar Subject of (Sexual)12.441.69
Bunny Dress Clothes12.431.69
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)41.031.66
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)31.191.65
Rape Subject of21.501.65
Bondage Sex Subject of (Sexual)21.501.64
Sailor School Uniform Clothes21.491.64
Latex Clothes12.361.64
Open Cup Bra Clothes12.361.63
Pissing on Others Engages in (Sexual)12.341.62
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)31.171.62
Tie Pin Clothes12.321.61
Goatee Hair12.321.61
Wax Play Subject of (Sexual)12.321.61
Foreigner Role12.311.60
Athletics Engages in12.301.60
Spoons Engages in (Sexual)12.281.58
Mirror Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.281.58
Earrings Clothes21.431.58
Name Tag Clothes12.271.57
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes40.981.57
Bald Hair12.261.57
Wrinkles Body12.261.56
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)70.751.56
Police Role12.251.56
Public Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)12.241.55
Sexual Masochism Engages in (Sexual)12.231.55
Anal Plug Tail Subject of (Sexual)12.231.55
Adult Breast Feeding Engages in (Sexual)12.201.52
Food Play Engages in (Sexual)12.201.52
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)31.091.52
Bondage Harness Clothes12.181.51
Scat Engages in (Sexual)12.181.51
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)40.941.51
Necktie Clothes31.091.51
Young-adult Body60.771.50
Glasses Clothes31.081.49
Corset Clothes12.151.49
Masturbation in front of an Audience Engages in (Sexual)12.121.47
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)31.061.47
Smoking Engages in12.101.45
Boobs on Glass Subject of (Sexual)12.091.45
Molesting Subject of12.091.45
Sex in a Vehicle Engages in (Sexual)12.091.45
Suspension Bondage Subject of (Sexual)12.071.44
Cuffs Clothes12.061.43
Nurse's Cap Clothes12.061.43
Scar Body12.051.42
Parted in Middle Hair21.291.41
Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)21.291.41
Cross Necklace Clothes12.031.41
Pendant Earrings Clothes12.031.41
Facesitting Engages in (Sexual)12.031.41
Wedding Ring Clothes12.011.39
Curtained Hair21.261.39
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes11.991.38
Nurse Uniform Clothes11.981.37
Low Self-esteem Personality11.981.37
Enema Subject of (Sexual)11.981.37
Old Body11.971.37
Vaginal Gaping Engages in (Sexual)11.971.37
Deepthroat Engages in (Sexual)11.961.36
Atashi Personality11.931.34
Long Hair50.741.33
Cardigan Clothes11.911.33
Cravat Clothes11.911.32
Taciturn Personality11.911.32
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)40.811.30
Nail Polish Body11.871.30
Miko's Dress Clothes11.871.30
Moustache Hair11.871.29
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)21.171.29
Rape Engages in11.841.28
Gang Rape Subject of11.841.28
Eye Covering Hair11.831.27
Confident Personality11.831.27
Shoulder-length Hair30.911.27
Naked Apron Clothes11.831.27
Pink Rotor Subject of (Sexual)11.821.26
Braid Hair11.801.25
Nipple Sucking Engages in (Sexual)11.771.23
Slim Body90.531.22
Reverse Missionary Subject of (Sexual)11.741.21
Anal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)11.731.20
Mole Body11.731.20
Makeup Body11.731.20
Pervert Personality11.731.20
Arrogant Personality11.731.20
Skirt Suit Clothes11.731.20
Ponytail Hair21.081.19
Side Tail Hair11.721.19
University Student Role11.711.18
Jeans Clothes11.691.17
Sport Bloomers Clothes11.681.17
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)11.681.17
Spoons Subject of (Sexual)11.681.17
Sex in Front of an Audience Engages in (Sexual)11.671.15
Miniskirt Clothes21.051.15
Girlfriend Role11.651.14
Wife Role11.611.12
Short (obsolete) Body11.601.11
Violet Eyes21.011.11
Blue Eyes30.801.11
Choker Clothes11.591.10
Green Eyes21.001.10
Maid's Headdress Clothes11.591.10
Mini-dress Clothes11.581.09
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes11.571.09
Collar Clothes11.561.08
Short Hair50.601.08
Lactation Engages in11.551.07
Sex in Water Engages in (Sexual)11.541.06
Apron Clothes11.531.06
Mother Role11.521.06
Serious Personality11.521.06
Necklace Clothes11.501.04
Blouse Clothes11.491.04
Maid's Dress Clothes11.471.02
Jacket Clothes11.461.01
Suit Clothes11.441.00
Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)11.441.00
Brown Eyes20.900.99
Cooking Engages in11.410.98
Headband Clothes11.380.96
Lesbian Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.370.95
White Hair11.360.94
Brown Hair30.680.94
Belt Clothes11.340.93
T-shirt Clothes11.330.92
Knee-high Socks Clothes11.330.92
School Uniform Clothes30.650.90
Pale Body90.380.87
Classmate Role11.230.85
Waist Length+ Hair20.760.83
Ribbon Tie Clothes11.200.83
Blue Hair11.160.80
Butterfly Subject of (Sexual)11.160.80
Teen Body30.570.79
Shirt Clothes11.120.78
Parted to Side Hair11.110.77
Twin Tails Hair11.080.75
Amber Eyes11.010.70
Blond Hair10.890.61
High School Student Role10.760.52