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Novels (2 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai1,7868.758.63
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni2,8918.498.44

Tags (66 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Shouwa Era22.475.32
Ambient Sounds23.005.01
Traditionalist Family22.324.57
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Countryside22.524.31
Asian-style Manor21.954.30
Mischievous Heroine22.003.91
Group of Friends22.883.70
Murder Mystery22.913.53
Bokukko Heroine22.233.32
Yakuza Heroine11.933.18
Heroine with Shorts21.823.17
Varied Title Screens22.183.07
No Romance Plot21.713.06
Drastic Character Development12.003.04
Episodic Story22.612.96
Fear of Death12.502.95
Multiple Protagonists22.682.83
Mahjong as Story Element20.722.80
Shinto Shrine12.302.77
Miko Heroine22.212.75
Photographic Backgrounds22.732.64
Heroine with Tights21.672.55
Multiple Route Mystery13.002.52
No Event CGs12.402.51
Japanese Mythology12.072.48
Loli Protagonist12.002.48
Torture Chamber11.502.41
Food Discussions12.112.39
Detective Work12.612.36
Other Perspectives23.002.27
Ponytail Heroine22.082.22
Kinetic Novel22.632.14
Combat with Firearms11.452.00
Student Protagonist22.321.95
Loli Heroine22.241.85
Unlockable Side Stories12.001.78
Unarmed Combat11.101.70
Hint Corner11.001.69
Protagonist with a Sprite12.141.60
Realtime 3D11.001.49
Slice of Life Comedy11.051.46
Breaking the Fourth Wall11.231.45
Tsundere Heroine11.381.40
No Sexual Content22.881.32
Protagonist with a Face21.831.13
Protagonist with Voice Acting11.070.99
Ojousama Heroine11.000.95
Female Protagonist12.130.88
Male Protagonist22.050.63

Traits (226 total)

Police Role2105.49
Student Club Member Role295.04
Widow's Peak Hair244.75
Granddaughter Role254.37
Employee Role244.32
Baseball Bat Items234.28
Sandals Clothes284.25
Unarmed Fighting Engages in274.21
Protective Personality284.19
Police Officer Uniform Clothes244.18
Camera Items244.15
Photography Engages in243.97
Head of Household Role233.79
Teasing Subject of273.72
Teasing Engages in2103.71
Watashi Personality2153.69
Religion Engages in233.67
Friend Role2163.64
Made-up Words Personality223.61
Boku Personality263.59
Husband Role253.55
Balding Hair223.49
Submachine Gun Items223.49
Belt Clothes2123.48
Shotgun Items223.47
Emotional Personality243.43
Betrothed Role243.42
Adult Body2103.41
Sunglasses Clothes243.40
Sniper Rifle Items223.39
Boyfriend Role243.37
Aloha Shirt Clothes223.36
Roommate Role243.34
Wealthy Role263.33
Suspenders Clothes233.25
Legal Guardian Role223.23
Miko Role243.22
Old Body243.21
Flirting Engages in243.20
Bodyguard Role233.18
Trousers Clothes2113.16
Coach Role223.15
Shirt Clothes2153.13
Daughter Role263.06
Classmate Role2113.04
Vest Clothes263.00
Bolo Tie Clothes222.99
Uncle Role222.98
Niece Role222.98
Dog Tags Clothes222.97
Baseball Cap Clothes222.94
Medical Doctor Role232.93
Altruistic Personality232.93
Nano Personality112.86
Necktie Clothes2132.84
Tank Top Clothes262.84
Dress Clothes2102.83
Suit Clothes262.81
Green Hair262.79
Uniform Clothes232.75
Transfer Student Role232.75
Cigarette Items222.73
Atashi Personality232.72
Sport Bloomers Clothes242.68
White Hair262.68
Friendly Personality272.65
Student Club President Role222.64
Cautious Personality222.62
Black Eyes252.62
Detective Role222.56
Driving Engages in222.56
Permanent Blank Eyes Eyes112.54
Parted in Middle Hair262.53
Outgoing Personality232.51
Curtained Hair262.47
Martial Arts Engages in222.47
Short Body242.46
Violent Personality222.46
Management Role222.45
Necklace Clothes242.44
Class President Role222.43
Muscular Body232.42
Energetic Personality242.42
Kid Body252.41
Watch Clothes222.39
Girlfriend Role232.38
Kimono Clothes242.37
Hotblooded Personality222.36
Nurse Role222.36
Relaxed Personality232.35
Smoking Engages in222.33
Green Eyes292.30
Overweight Body222.30
Based on a Fictional Character Role222.29
Thick Eyebrows Hair222.28
Boots Clothes232.24
Nurse's Cap Clothes222.24
Blue Hair262.23
Pink Eyes232.23
Bow Tie Clothes222.22
Hime Cut Hair222.22
Hosome Eyes242.22
Coworker Role222.20
Violet Eyes282.19
Slicked Back Hair222.18
Cross-dressing Engages in222.18
Tomboy Personality222.17
Nurse Uniform Clothes222.16
Beard Hair222.15
Sailor School Uniform Clothes232.14
Hidden Eyes222.14
Fang Body222.11
Airhead Personality222.10
Cardigan Clothes222.10
Young-adult Body2132.10
Taciturn Personality222.10
Tall Body232.08
Cosplay Engages in222.06
Skirt Clothes242.05
Confident Personality222.05
Proactive Personality222.02
Short Hair2282.01
Loyal Personality222.01
Blunt Bangs Hair231.99
E+ Cup Body261.99
Mischievous Personality221.99
Grandmother Role111.96
Priest Role111.96
Reserved Personality221.96
Kind Personality251.96
Arrogant Personality121.93
Mysterious Personality221.92
Straight Hair261.92
Lab Coat Clothes221.92
Ribbon Tie Clothes241.91
Nephew Role111.90
Scythe Items111.90
Jeans Clothes221.90
Ore Personality221.87
Brown Eyes271.86
Tareme Eyes251.84
Blond Hair271.83
Parted to Side Hair241.82
Brown Hair2141.81
Wife Role221.81
Shorts Clothes221.80
Not a Virgin Role221.80
Baseball Engages in111.78
AA Cup Body221.76
Carefree Personality221.75
Hardworker Personality221.75
Full Sister Role221.74
Ponytail Hair241.74
Childhood Friend Role231.74
Kouhai Role221.73
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes221.72
Glasses Clothes241.72
Mother Role121.72
Mini-dress Clothes221.71
Bandanna Clothes111.70
Kanzashi Clothes111.69
Collar Clothes221.68
Red Eyes131.66
Moving Engages in111.65
Waist Length+ Hair281.65
Student Role221.64
Spiky Bangs Hair241.64
Womanizer Personality111.64
Teacher Role221.63
Orange Hair221.63
Witch Role111.63
Pleated Skirt Clothes221.62
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes221.62
Chain Jewellery Clothes111.62
Younger Sister Role221.60
Violet Hair231.59
Self-sacrifice Engages in111.59
Cheerful Personality111.56
Half-orphan Role111.55
Blue Eyes261.55
Non-human Role111.54
Lolita Clothes111.52
Pale Body2411.52
Black Hair251.51
Headband Clothes221.50
Pantyhose Clothes221.50
Furry Tail Body111.48
Sweets Lover Personality111.47
T-shirt Clothes221.47
Miniskirt Clothes231.44
Slim Body2131.43
Cold-hearted Personality111.43
Teen Body2111.43
Low Self-esteem Personality111.42
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality111.42
School Uniform Clothes291.40
Full Brother Role111.39
Horns Body111.38
Puffy Sleeves Clothes111.37
Dress Shoes Clothes111.35
Short-tempered Personality111.33
Strict Personality111.32
Timid Personality111.31
Long Hair251.31
Twin Braids Hair111.26
Makeup Body111.24
Father Role111.24
Hat Clothes111.24
Crop Top Clothes111.24
No Bangs Hair111.23
Stoic Personality111.19
Shy Personality111.13
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes221.04
Blouse Clothes111.04
Jacket Clothes111.02
V Bangs Hair111.01
Earrings Clothes111.01
Tsurime Eyes110.94
Red Hair110.92
Average Height Body220.92
Knee-high Socks Clothes110.90
Pink Hair110.90
High School Student Role120.78
Twin Tails Hair110.74
Amber Eyes110.70
Sidehair Hair110.68