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Novels (5 total)

Traits (42 total)

Multilingual Role133.97
Muscular Body173.57
Band-aid Clothes122.81
Taiwanese Role112.63
Male on Male Sex Engages in (Sexual)132.58
Stubble Hair122.46
Off Screen Sex Engages in (Sexual)122.39
Group Sex of Several Males Engages in (Sexual)112.05
Moustache Hair122.05
Bartender Role111.93
Spiky Hair221.83
Ore Personality121.83
Male on Male Sex Only Engages in (Sexual)111.81
Friendly Personality131.76
Cigarette Items111.72
Half-Japanese Role111.61
Police Role111.56
Emotional Personality111.44
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)121.41
Beard Hair111.35
Homosexual Role111.34
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)121.34
Nameable Role111.33
Short Hair281.32
Dark Body111.30
Tsundere Personality111.29
Boku Personality111.27
Glasses Clothes221.18
Black Hair131.16
Brown Hair241.08
Teacher Role111.04
Orange Hair111.03
Student Role111.03
Black Eyes111.01
Tank Top Clothes111.00
Earrings Clothes110.99
Bukkake Subject of (Sexual)110.92
Watashi Personality110.90
Necktie Clothes110.75
Spiky Bangs Hair110.70
Brown Eyes110.62
School Uniform Clothes110.44

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